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Auto Broker Dispatch:
Have you seen ProABD lately? 
SuperFlo Systems & Technologies has offered tools to the auto transport industry for over ten years that are scaleable for small one-man operations and large corporations alike. Our products, Pro Auto Broker Dispatch (ProABD) and Transport Auto Quoter (TAQ), have been designed especially for the auto transport industry and can help you save time, increase your profits and offer a better overall experience to your customers.

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Manage your business
From a lead to a returning customer, ProABD has you covered each step of the way with features that will help you improve your business:

  • Market more efficiently to your customers
  • Retain a higher broker fee or profit margin
  • Reduce cancellations
  • Send text messages to your customers and carriers
  • Protect yourself against chargebacks with proper documentation
  • Eliminate your time spent manually pricing
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Work smarter, not harder.
Work smarter, not harder.
ProABD lets you manage your leads, track orders, post to all major load boards and has a suite of tools to help you make more money.
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